Who we are

Welcome to the Malta Futsal School

Since its inception in September 2010, The Malta Futsal School, has for the past decade welcomed thousands of children aged  3 onwards to practice this very exciting sport.

The idea to introduce a Futsal School in Malta was of the co-founder, Jonathan Pisani. It all started during an away game in Switzerland with our National team, where Jonathan, who also occupies to role of Head Coach at the school, used to form part of the coaching staff of the Futsal National Team. During this trip in 2009, he discussed his ideas and views to open up a school to JeanBert Gatt who used to play for the national team during this time. JeanBert, co-founder and director of the school accepted the challenge and planning began.

The idea of opening up the school was based on the fundamentals of the game of football. It was not easy at the beginning. Both struggled to attract children to the sport and finally the school opened its doors in September 2010 with just 10 children. The rest is history. Nowadays the school attracts over a 100 children each season and over 120 members every Summer.

We at the Malta Futsal School believe that children can develop the overall basic football skills more effectively. It has been proven that youth layers develop quicker reflexes, faster thinking and pinpoint passing.

Malta Futsal School training sessions are conducted by qualified coaches who’s primary aim is to better the skills of our members and to also instil a fun and friendly mentality whilst giving them the best physical and sports education.

At present, training sessions are held twice to three times a week with groups split by age group.

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